After years of traveling for both business and pleasure I have found that it is important to invest in essentials that are functional and high quality, this includes shoes, bags, sunglasses and gadgets. If one of these essentials were to fail, the whole tip can be adversely affected. It took me quite a few travel failures to come to this realization.11037491_10154028930515278_3010807199827844722_o

Nowadays, an all time favorite and absolute must have when traveling is my Ledermann duffle bag. I have had it along for the last five travels or even more, one of the things I admittedly enjoy is the attention it gets from those I run into. One of the things is that you will not feel the urgent need to check you leather bag when traveling due to its worn out look. This type of leather bag, your travel luggage is presentable, so much so that you can even attend an important meeting looking good.

Here are three reasons why a leather duffle bag is a good choice:

1. Relatively Inexpensive

Yes, there may be other bags that are cheaper, however given its size as well as that it is 100% full grain leather, it is quite a deal. In my case I was able to purchase it at thirty percent less than its original price. The highest quality of material used in bags is full grain leather, if properly maintained it can last for decades. That being said I can rest assured that the investment I made with the duffel bag will pay off.Ledermann-Leather-Briefcase-Review-1-873x394

2. It is Both Functional and Very Stylish

A leather bag is the ideal choice if you want functional and stylish all wrapped in one. I personally I prefer a duffle bag over a backpack due to the fact that my belongings are easily accessible during my travels. To put it simply, the leather duffle bag and travels seem to be the perfect combination. All my clothing as well as travel essentials for a trip that will last for three to five days and not look overly rugged or bulky. Even when not on a trip, this is a great bag to use on your day to day errands. For those who attend the gym, it makes an excellent gym bag.

3. The Size Is Ideal For Carry On

As far as airline measurements are concerned, this bag is ideal for carry on, if you travel frequently, as I do, this is important. Having a travel bag that begins to bloat once you begin packing things in is very frustrating. This can mean that your bag will not fit under your seat or in the airline cabin, it seems as if this bad was made to be carried on.LederMann5-e1371703098506

Other than the above mentioned practical aspects, this bag really enhances your professional image while traveling. It may not seem obvious, however the items you carry during a business transaction can speak volumes of you. A leather bag definitely gives off only good impressions. The fact that full leather bag does not easily deteriorate is an added bonus, with time it looks classic and becomes sturdier. Owning your own leather bag means that you will always have something classic and timeless in your collection.